Access Health Receives $6 Million NIH Award to Tackle Barriers to Health and Economic Mobility in Muskegon County

Empowering people. Changing lives.

We are passionate about finding innovative ways to help individuals and communities thrive.

We work with partners in the Muskegon area that approach health improvement and change through alignment of resources and community collaboration.

More than 2,000 small businesses have offered our Access C3 Health plan to qualified workers, which enables them to better recruit and retain talented, qualified people.

To ensure that vulnerable patients have the support they need to address barriers that prevent them from optimal health, our plan incorporates health coaching, education, and accountability.

With more then 22 years of experience and data, we’ve proven that our unique multi-share health coverage model works. Legislation, funding, and community partners can expand our success to other areas.

We make supporting our Access C3 Health Plan easy! From member eligibility to benefits details, providers can access the resources they need from our convenient online portal.

Access C3 Health Coverage Plan: Shared Costs, Shared Benefits

Local care providers and hospitals, small businesses, and members all share the costs of the Access C3 Health Plan.

Our health plans are designed to help individuals reach realistic goals toward improved health, which results in lower costs.

The impact is not only healthier individuals, but also a healthier, more vibrant community where local businesses are able to attract and retain talented workers from surrounding neighborhoods.

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We believe that our members, our community, and our team all have enormous power to shape their own futures.

We meet each person where they are, help them dream of where they want to be, and work with them to make small changes so their dreams can become a reality.

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