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Participating providers who need access to C3 Health member eligibility dates and member identification numbers may request to have online access.

The C3 Health Plan Basics

Please note, this site does not provide claim or payment information, nor guarantees payment. The site only provides eligibility and member information. Only participating providers will be given access. Each provider office must have one contact person and must complete a Provider Registration Form and list all employees who are requesting access. This form may be downloaded here Eligibility Access Request Form and emailed to

Once you have completed the Provider Registration Form you will be contacted by email. If approved, the provider requesting access can register. To register you will need an email as the user identification and must create a password that contains one capital letter, one number and must be a minimum of eight digits. For more help See Instructions.

If you have questions about online access, contact 231-766-7103 or

Provider Resources

Members are required to contact our office prior to scheduling services that need a Prior authorization. Please note, primary care office visits, labs, x-rays, mammograms are the only services that do not require prior notification.

Prior Authorization Contact Information:

P: 231-728-5180
F: 231-728-5160

Services Requiring Prior Authorization
Access Health Formulary – Contact Office
Providers Portal

If your patient requests your office to fill out an Alternate Biometrics Form, they can be found here.