For eligibility status, please contact Access Health directly.

Provider Resouces

Prior Authorization
Our plan members are required to contact our office prior to scheduling services that need a prior authorization. Primary care office visits, labs, x-rays, mammograms are the only services that do not require prior notification. View services requiring prior authorization

For the Access Health Formulary, please contact our office directly.

Enhanced Plan: Continuous Health Improvement (CHI) Program 
For details about this program and member requirements, click here

Participating providers who need access to C3 Health member eligibility dates and member identification numbers may request to have online access.

Eligibility Access and Provider Portal Information

  • This site only provides eligibility and member information.
  • This site does not provide claim or payment information, nor does it guarantee payment.
  • If requested by your patient, you may complete this Alternate Biometrics Qualifications Form
  • Only participating providers will be given access to the Provider Portal.
  • Each provider office must have one contact person
  • Providers are required to complete the the listing all employees who will be requesting access.
  • Download and print the Eligibility Access Request Form [PDF], complete the form, and email it to
  • If you are approved, we will contact you via email.
  • Once approved, you can set up an account on the Provider Portal. Use these login instructions to get started.

If you have questions about accessing the online Provider Portal,  please contact Yvonne Bullinger at (231) 766-7103 or via email.