The Continuous Health Improvement (CHI) Program

A Whole-Person Approach to Health

Our Continuous Health Improvement (CHI) program is a component of our Enhanced Access C3 Health Plan option, and is the most significant area of cost savings.

Research has shown that the everyday struggles and barriers affecting health and economic self-sufficiency prevent many people from reaching and sustaining their health goals.

Because we want our members to succeed, our CHI program is based on a whole-person approach, and incorporates a comprehensive assessment of root-cause Social Determinant of Health (SDoH), which refers to the conditions where people live, learn, work, and play that affect a wide range of health and quality-of life-risks and outcomes.

We address everyday barriers like transportation and childcare that can hinder our members from reaching their health goals.

How the CHI Program Works

Identifying Risks. Spotting Patterns. Finding Solutions — Together.

Our CHI program is an integrated form of population health management. Population health management refers to an approach to health improvement that is based on health risks that affect an entire group or community, and then developing a plan to address these issues. 

Access Health was a pioneer in using population health management for the uninsured residents in Muskegon County through our CHI Program.

Since 1999, we have helped thousands of people by encouraging them to make small, positive changes that have a big impact on their health and the health of their communities.