Continuous Health Improvement

Small Changes Start Here

Our Continuous Health Improvement (CHI) Program is focused on finding small, yet sustainable goals for each participant.

The CHI program is based on a 12 month cycle. We customize each our of programs to best fit the needs of our customers Click here to see an example of a visual representation of a CHI cycle.

We take it personally

Access Health has over 20 years of success in partnering with individuals to improve their overall health. We feel the core component of our success is the relationships we build with our members. Health is not just eating well and exercising, it also includes understand the struggles and barriers that hinder our members at succeeding at their health goals.
A personal health coach will create a Comprehensive Health Improvement Plan utilizing the Domains of Health and together create reasonable action plans to achieve their goals. This is a partnership of assessment, action and support. The journey starts here…

We believe in population health management

By “population health management”, we mean identifying health risks in the group and developing a plan to address them. Access Health was a pioneer in using population health management for the uninsured residents in Muskegon County, Michigan. This program has helped thousands of individuals, like you, to become healthier by making small, positive health changes that have made a big local health impact.

Essentially, our entire CHI program is an integrated form of population health management. We identify risks. We spot patterns in behavior. We work with you to find solutions.

Our Outcomes are Impressive

Our integrated CHI process begins with data collection:

  • Individual data is collected from Assessments, Screenings and Claims.
  • Health coaches identify health risk utilizing the evaluation of the Domains of Health.
  • Individual action plans are developed for all members in collaboration with their physicians utilizing the Comprehensive Health Improvement Plan.
  • All members are engaged in health education and activities that help improve their health outcomes and sustain long-lasting change.