Access Health, Inc. is a non-profit organization created to address the needs of our community by developing programs & partnerships to improve & achieve their optimal health.


Healthy Choice

Making difficult, unrealistic changes to your lifestyle is no way to become healthier.  It isn’t fun and, often times, it doesn’t even work.  Here are a few simple things to try. Once you get into the habit, it gets easier and easier to focus on being a bit healthier each day.

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Our wellness program actively helps individuals achieve and maintain their optimal health. We’re improving the health of our community through active engagement and lowering healthcare costs for employers.

Interestingly, our CHI program was developed as a part of our C3 health plan years ago. When we found notable success within our C3 populations, local employers came knocking at our door. At their request, we began tailoring our CHI program to their needs, culture and goals. Seven years later, we have fostered a well-oiled wellness machine that offers biometrics, health risk assessments, classes, health coaching, cultural assessments and much more.

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Our C3 health plan is affordable, community sponsored health coverage geared towards eligible uninsured individuals in the Greater Muskegon area.

We received the Minimum Essential Coverage designation in 2014, which means participating members have coverage meeting the federal mandate for individuals. Members will not be subject to the IRS penalty for failure to comply with the mandate for the duration they are covered by C3 Health. Put simply, we’re government-approved community health coverage.

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