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Access Health Receives $6 Million NIH Award to Tackle Barriers to Health and Economic Mobility in Muskegon County

MUSKEGON, Mich. (October 3, 2023)

Access Health is excited to announce that it has been awarded a transformative $6 million team award from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Common Fund as part of the Community Partnerships to Advance Science for Society (ComPASS) program, a first-of-its kind community-led research program received by 25 communities across the nation. 

This landmark 5-year team award will enable Access Health to spearhead an innovative initiative aimed at dismantling the systemic barriers to economic mobility and improved health for under-resourced populations in Muskegon County.

Jeff Fortenbacher, Access Health’s Executive Director, expresses his enthusiasm for the project, stating, “This extraordinary opportunity empowers our community to confront the local factors that hinder workforce development and economic self-sufficiency. The research effort will have a specific focus on the ALICE population, consisting of low-income workers who are particularly susceptible to economic fluctuations and personal challenges such as dependable transportation, affordable childcare, unexpected health events, and debt.” 

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Access Health Partners with National Nonprofit to Address Medical Debt

MUSKEGON, Mich. (December 27, 2022)

Access Health and RIP Medical Debt (RIP) have formally entered into a partnership that will last two years, with the goal of engaging West Michigan hospitals for RIP to acquire and abolish their qualifying medical debts, create local solutions for medical debt and help increase awareness of health plan options and identify barriers to affordable coverage.

Muskegon-based Access Health has been providing affordable health coverage for workers who don’t qualify for Medicaid but can’t afford traditional health insurance for more than 23 years, helping those living or working in area gain access to equitable health care.

Its new partnership with RIP, a nonprofit using donated funds to purchase and then abolish medical debt nationwide, will help those with qualifying medical financial obligations see relief.

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Through this partnership, Access Health is offering free personalized health coaching for Muskegon area residents interested in addressing medical debt and an opportunity to join the community conversation about medical debt.

Rep. Huizenga News Conference Announcing Legislation to Bring Muskegon’s Community Health Coverage Model to More Communities 

MUSKEGON, Mich. (June 2, 2022)

Congressman Bill Huizenga will be announcing the introduction of the Community Multi-Share Coverage Program Act at a special event on Friday, June 3, 2022, at 2:00 pm at the office of Access Health, 1200 Ransom Street, Muskegon, Michigan. Huizenga’s legislation will fund national replication of Muskegon County’s Access Health Coverage program, considered one of the most innovative and successful approaches to addressing health care access in the nation.

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Access Health Announces Open Enrollment to Assist Area Small Businesses

MUSKEGON, Mich. (December 8, 2021)

Access C3 Health, Muskegon County’s community health coverage program, announces an open enrollment period to help local small businesses and their eligible employees who are unable to access commercial health coverage due to cost. Access Health has provided comprehensive health coverage that is affordable for small businesses and their workers since 1999.

Health coverage is a critical tool to restarting our economy, especially as local small to mid-sized employers are struggling with COVID-related staff losses. Being able to offer access to an affordable health coverage plan with a strong benefit structure is instrumental to businesses working to attract new employees. The Access C3 Health plan was designed to ensure members can afford to access medical care – no deductible, $10 office visits, and $300 maximum for in-patient hospitalization – typically at a cost of $75 per month. 

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