C3 Health- for Small Business participation


Small Business Owners

If you don’t offer health insurance and you would like a health benefit for your employees, your local health system may be able to help. We assist hospitals in developing successful models of community health improvement programs for low- income employees of small businesses. We help to combine affordable health care with innovative wellness programs.

We partner with health systems, community organizations and local employers to build a community health improvement model that offers affordable coverage and health improvement for the working uninsured.

Our community health improvement program combines first-dollar coverage with no deductible and is available to individuals who fit our eligibility requirements.

Our goal is to improve the community’s health, beginning with the working uninsured. In order to do so we start with access to affordable health care. We support our member’s health goals with a comprehensive wellness program that includes biometrics, health coaching, and classes. By linking affordable health care with wellness, the community coverage program improves the health of uninsured working families in the community.

If you are interested in learning more about our program or how you can get involved, drop us a line!