Through a new partnership with RIP Medical Debt, Access Health is offering free personalized health coaching for Muskegon area residents interested in addressing medical debt and an opportunity to join the community conversation about medical debt.

We know that medical debt can be devastating for individuals and families.  Partnering with RIP Medical Debt enables us to expand our impact by addressing a significant barrier to health care that affects many people in the Muskegon area. 

We’re inviting you to be part of the solution through these opportunities:

  • Get FREE individual health coaching to help set and achieve personal health goals. (For Muskegon area residents interested in reducing their risk of medical debt.)
  • Learn more about the causes and impact of medical debt, and how to navigate the complex health care system.
  • Join the community conversation and share your voice as we work to find local solutions to help our community avoid medical debt. Take the medical debt survey


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Residents will also receive a $25 gift card at the second coaching appointment!

The partnership between Access Health and RIP Medical began in November 2022, and is focused on alleviating debt in communities along the Lake Michigan lakeshore. The goals of this partnership include:

  • Promoting educational resources available in the region.
  • Expanding resident knowledge of healthcare benefits and the potential pitfalls of navigating a complex healthcare system.
  • Investigating and addressing the underlying reasons why medical debt occurs.
  • Identifying opportunities for policy reform.

We will fulfill these goals by fostering and promoting conversations with community members, local employers, and hospitals. We believe that together, our complementary models can make a significant impact on reducing the amount and recurrence, of medical debt in the region.
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