For Members

C3 Stands for “Choice, Challenge, and Change”

C3 Health is a Community-Based Coverage Plan

C3 Stands for “Choice, Challenge, and Change” representing a pathway toward helping members take responsibility for making healthier choices, the most significant way to improve health and control costs.

Access Health is a true community venture, drawing commitments and resources from around the Muskegon area. This multi-share financing arrangement combines resources from community stakeholders with a vested interest in community health – including hospitals, businesses, and members – to sustain coverage affordability. This is part of what makes the C3 Health plan affordable for members. Members pay 30% of the premiums while other community interests cover the balance.

CHI Helps Members Take Personal Responsibility for their Health

The Continuous Health Improvement (CHI) program is the most significant process responsible for cost savings with the C3 plan. It is designed to help individuals learn about and take control of their own health choices. While participating in the CHI program is entirely voluntary, members have discounts on their health coverage while they remain active in the program.

To understand the CHI program further, it helps members get to “know their numbers” through participation in health risk assessments and biometric screenings. The results provide each member with their own personal health risk profile. Based on each person’s results, they will be assisted by the C3 Health Plan coaches in designing a health improvement plan that fits their individual needs. Lastly, our program is loaded with classes a member can take and activities they can participate in to enjoy better health.

CHI Program Annual Requirements:

  • Health risks assessment, biometrics and Comprehensive Improvement Plan (CHIP) – typically within the first month following enrollment
  • First meeting with a health coach – within the first three months
  • Attending the first health class to manage a health risk factor – within the first six months
  • Establish a Primary Care Physician – within the first six months
  • Second meeting with a health coach – before nine months
  • Attend a second health class – before the end of the enrollment year