Our Health Model

We are passionate about access to affordable healthcare, with quality results

Founded in September of 1999, we built a model that provided healthcare coverage to low income, uninsured working individuals. The model balanced partnerships between community members, doctors, businesses, community coalition partners, and social service organizations. We work closely with the community to provide a bottom-up, financially-sound health coverage model.

Since 2003, we’ve been working hard on these three goals:

  • Improved health quality
  • Improved healthcare delivery
  • Lower health costs

Our Model

With 20 years of experience and data – we’ve proven that our model works.

Since 1999, the cost of coverage through Access Health has increased less than 1% per year.

Within our Continuous Health Improvement (CHI) process, health coaches work alongside members to improve identify and address barriers to improved health. This focus means that we were identifying Social Determinants of Health long before it was mainstream practice, and we’ve taken it further to achieve meaningful, demonstrable impact. In short, our programs help individuals reach realistic goals toward improved health, which results in lower costs.

In addition, our multi-share financing arrangement combines resources from community stakeholders with a vested interest in community health – including hospitals, businesses, and members – to sustain coverage affordability. We strive to serve as an example for other communities and policy makers seeking sustainable solutions to the health policy problem of affordability.

What is a Community-Sponsored Multi-Share?

Community-sponsored multi-share can be characterized as highly-coordinated care among providers, hospitals, and other care organizations, integrated with community resources to meet the triple aims of better care, better health, and lower cost. Simply described, we work as a team to improve outcomes and save money.

Through the C3 multi-share, we foster:

An integrated provider delivery system

  • Collaboration of community health and financial resources
  • Transparency of data and technology systems
  • Enhanced population health management

Replication of Access Health’s Community Multi-share Model

We are ready to replicate.

The secret to keeping costs low is keeping your community healthy. Unhealthy behaviors are the primary cost drivers and quality of life determinants for healthcare today. The CHI program identifies risks and targets the appropriate resources to manage these risks. Health risk management through CHI — integrated with technology, community resources, and providers — is the key to achieving the triple aims and controlled healthcare costs.

If this is something you want to replicate in your community, call Access Health at 231-728-5180.