Our multi-share funding structure enables us to provide affordable health coverage for low income, uninsured workers — with impressive results

Shared Costs, Shared Benefits

Our multi-share funding model combines resources from community stakeholders with a vested interest in community health, including hospitals, businesses, and members.


The Access C3 Health Coverage Plan offers two coverage options, both of which are designed to help members take responsibility for making healthier choices. Healthier individuals create healthier communities, which is a direct benefit to hospitals, businesses, and community health organizations.

These two factors — sharing plan costs and promoting personal accountability for health– are the reason we can keep plan costs low.


Our Enhanced Plan option requires that members enroll in the Continuous Health Improvement (CHI) Program, which includes regular 1:1 meetings with a health coach.

An important component of this program is a comprehensive risk assessment, which evaluates overall health along with underlying Social Determinant of Health factors that can have a big impact on physical health.

The health coach and individual then work together to address barriers and create small but achievable health goals. 

Social Determinants of Health

Social determinants of health (SDOH) have a major impact on people’s health, well-being, and quality of life.

Examples of SDoH include:

  • Safe housing, transportation, and neighborhoods
  • Racism, discrimination, and violence
  • Education, job opportunities, and income
  • Access to nutritious foods and physical activity opportunities
  • Polluted air and water
  • Language and literacy skills


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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services