For 21 years, Access Health has helped local small businesses and their workers access affordable care. Low premiums aren’t enough – our plans have no deductibles and low copays. You may not know that a few years ago, some of our funding disappeared. True to our mission, we have been covering the shortfall to make sure our community has uninterrupted care.

This isn’t a permanent solution. We’ve been working with state and federal legislators to continue this nationally recognized program. In fact, we’re working to help more communities because they need affordable, zero-deductible health coverage too.

We need your help to tell Lansing that keeping Access Health matters to our community. Just fill out this form or call us at (231) 728-5180, and we’ll send a postcard to Governor Whitmer for you – we’ll even pay the postage!

Tell Lansing – Your Health Matters

“For over 20 years, Access Health has provided affordable, no deductible health coverage to thousands of people in West Michigan. West Michigan knows that people should not have to check their bank account before they call the doctor. West Michigan workers and businesses deserve to be able to access health coverage that people can afford.

Governor Whitmer, please support the Access Health appropriations request so it can continue to provide affordable first dollar coverage for West Michigan residents.”

My Health Matters!