CHI – For Employers

Take Care

In the crazy world we live in, we all forget to take care of ourselves. That becomes expensive.

Whether you look at wellness efforts as a recruitment tool, a prospective cost-savings, a duty to your community or something your HR person told you “we should do,” we all need a little help sometimes taking care of our health. We believe wellness programs represent a commitment made from employer to employee, to lend a hand and support in health.

Access Health is committed to improving the health status of our community. By engaging in the CHI program, your company is partnering to improve the health of your employees and their families. The business processes of the CHI Program make it possible for our large employer groups to manage the health risks and cost associated with their health plans.

Strictly speaking, our program two options. We offer the traditional CHI model, or employers can custom build their own program to fit their needs. No matter which direction you prefer, both options can use the following components:

Available Components

  • Biometric Screenings
  • Health Risk Assessments
  • Chronic Disease Management Courses
  • Face-to-face Health Coaching
  • Specific health action plans tailored to individual health improvement needs
  • Population Health Risk Reporting
  • Individual Reporting
  • Online health portals
  • Marketing for onsite wellness events
  • Environmental or built-structure wellness assessments
  • Cultural assessments
  • Health messaging strategy assessments
  • Wellness committee consulting

Our Annual Package Model

  • Participants complete both health risk assessment and biometric screening.
  • Upon member data analysis, each participant in the CHI Program is assigned to a personal health coach with skill sets tailored to the participant’s needs.
  • Using analytics, health coaches work closely with providers to develop a custom health improvement plan. Health coaches work directly with each participant throughout the process to help them to achieve their health goals.
  • Wellness activities are completed on an annual cycle basis, with an activity required at least once every 3 months.


If you’re interested in learning more about a business case towards wellness, view the PDF outlining recent statistics and studies.

If you would like more information on offering the CHI Program at your company, please call 231-766-7112.