Understanding Health Risks

Improve Your Chances for Good Health

“A health risk is the chance or likelihood that something will harm or otherwise affect your health risk.” People tend to understand that there are health risks around them all the time, but what they don’t understand is that there are things they can do to prevent or lessen the likelihood of health risks.

Health risk factors include: age, gender, family, health history, lifestyle and more. Health risks that are genetically or ethnically connected to a person are more difficult to avoid and/or improve. Other health risks can be improved through control over one’s diet, physical activity, and taking persuasions such as wearing a seatbelt while driving.

Dr. William Elmwood, a psychologist and behavioral scientist at NIH, says that, “Understanding health risks is key to making your own health care decisions.” This is true, the more you know and understand about your body and surrounding factors the better health choices you can make for yourself.

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